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Sports and School Clubs


We believe that sports, experienced in a safe, engaging, and supportive environment, is a significant factor in developing our children’s physical competence and confidence. Our children are also encouraged to appreciate the importance of a healthy lifestyle and be aware of the factors that affect them. Here at Our Lady Immaculate School, we run a wide range of before and after-school clubs. We believe that a full and varied programme provides children with opportunities to develop and mature and to experience activities in a fun and relaxed manner.


OLI News team

The OLI news team will research and write some of the articles for one of our regular student-led newsletters throughout the year. They will find out about events going on in our school and interview those involved to research the stories. .
Also, next academic year, our school will celebrate its 70th anniversary and throughout the year, we will be creating a souvenir magazine to mark this exciting occasion. The children will find out about how OLI has changed over the years and help to collate and write articles so that our school community and local community can read all about it. It will be shared at the end of the school year.
Come along and be part of this exciting project!
Mrs Owen


Year 5/6 Cricket


Join the cricket club to develop your fielding, batting, and bowling skills in a fun and engaging way. You will take part in a range of activities during each session, developing key aspects to help you in Dynamo Kwik cricket matches which we will play at the end of most sessions.





Running Club

Join Miss Mayle and Mr Keady for Running Club on a Wednesday morning at Alexandra Park. As well as taking part in some long runs around the park which will develop your stamina, you will also take part in some team based activities focusing on speed and agility. It is a great energetic start to the day, with each member feeling a sense of pride and achievement all before 8.45am!

This club will be open to children of all running abilities in years 4 to 6, whether they are new to distance running or regularly attend Parkruns. The aim of this is very much for the participating children to achieve personal bests and embrace the joy of running.



Wellbeing Club

We will meet in the Wellbeing Suite and start each session by preparing and sharing a drink and snack (please let me know of any allergies or dietary restrictions). We will chat and have an opportunity to share anything about our week or just listen to others. Each session will then include a mindfulness activity, sharing new strategies for regulation and exploring the environment of the Wellbeing Suite to promote relaxation.



Lego Club

Playing with LEGO® individually and in a small group can benefit children in so many incredible ways. LEGO® building can take time and can test children’s patience, especially when that one important LEGO® piece takes forever to find! In a world where children often want instant gratification, the building process can help children understand that in order to get good results, it can take time and hard work can pay off! Following instructions, planning what piece comes next, waiting for their turn and listening to others (when building in a group) all takes focus and can hugely help with children who sometimes need a little extra help with concentration. At Lego club children have the opportunity to work alongside children from other year groups. Throughout the term members of Lego club have the opportunity to follow premade LEGO® kits, free build and complete challenges such as building the tallest tower or using limited coloured bricks. I really look forward to seeing as many KS2 children as possible on a Tuesday evening.



Mindfulness Colouring 

Come and join us for Mindfulness Colouring Club.  We start each session with a mindfulness relaxation activity and then strengthen our mindfulness skills by focusing on our colouring.  We are learning to focus on what we're doing and to not think about anything that might have happened during the day.



If you would like to book a place on any of the clubs run by school, please book through Parentpay. Please note cash will not be accepted at the office for any of the clubs.


In order to book a club from one of our external providers, parents must use the forms found below the timetable.



Summer Term Clubs Timetable