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Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School

RE Education

Catholic Education inspires a caring ethos which is expressed in relationships within and beyond Catholic schools.



It is person-centred. It promotes the dignity, self-esteem and full development of each person who is made in God’s image and uniquely loved by God.

Catholic Education is inclusive.  It is respectful of, and engages with people of all beliefs; it encourages the religious development of all in their own faith.

Catholic Education is rooted in the Gospel values of Respect for Life, Love, Solidarity, Truth and Justice; it aims to harmonise faith and culture, build a better society.

At OLI the person and message of Christ find expression in the communities of Faith, Service, Prayer and Worship.  


RE is at the heart of the caring and welcoming ethos at OLI. The religious and moral education of the children receives every care and underpins everything that we do. RE is regarded here as a core subject.

Whilst RE is a subject as any other (in the sense that it has a knowledge content), it is regarded as part of the very fabric of the school itself, without which the school could not exist in its present form.

The Gospels are the foundation of RE teaching at the school. The messages of Christ (explicit or implicit) that they contain provide a template of Christian living to which we should all aspire. The children experience the Gospels as stories that are revisited to draw out the messages they convey.