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Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School

Design and Technology

Subject Leader: Laura Wilkins


Design and technology helps to prepare children for the developing world. The subject encourages children to become creative problem-solvers, both as individuals and as part of a team. Through the study of design and technology they combine practical skills with an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues. Design and Technology helps all children to become discriminating and informed consumers and potential innovators. It should assist children in developing a greater awareness and understanding of how everyday products are designed and made. Through their work with food in this subject, it should instil a love of cooking - a crucial life skill that enables pupils to feed themselves and others affordably and well, now and in later life.

The aims of design and technology in our school are:

-To develop imaginative thinking in children and to enable them to talk about what they like and dislike when designing and making;

-To enable children to talk about how things work, and to draw and model their ideas;

-To encourage children to select appropriate tools and techniques for making a product, whilst following safe procedures;

- To foster enjoyment, satisfaction and purpose in designing and making;

-To use ICT software to assist our designing and learning.

-To understand and apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet.


Encourage your child to be observant and questioning about the environment, machinery, techniques and systems that surround us. Craft activities such as junk modelling can provide building blocks for later exploration of product development. Foster a love of healthy, tasty, satisfying food, and explore how we can make sound nutritional choices when planning what to cook and eat for different meals or occasions.