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Late/Absence Procedures

Absence Application Form


Regular attendance is vital for your child’s education progress. Kingston Education Authority expects all parents/carers to ensure that their children attend school whenever possible. Absences due to holidays taken during school time could hinder academic progress. Without school’s permission, such absences are treated as truancy and may lead to parental prosecution. By law, in some circumstances head teachers have the power to delete a child’s name from school’s roll should parents arrange for him/her to go away for holidays in term-time and without schools’ permission. In such circumstances, your child’s school would not be able to guarantee a school placement for your child when he/she returns. Therefore, when returning from holidays, you may have to apply to a new school for an available placement.


If you think you still want to apply for a family holiday in term-time and believe you can convince the school your case is exceptional, please complete this form and return it to the school at least  two weeks before your intended departure date.


Please see our Attendance Policy under the policies section for more information.