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Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School


PSHE subject Lead: Mrs Eleanor Prestwich

Healthy Schools Award


We are working to achieve our Healthy Schools award.  We are working hard to gather evidence to show that we meet all the standards for this.





Eco - Stars


In recognition of the increasing importance of the wider environmental agenda we have set up a School Eco Council


The Eco-Stars disseminate information to the children and staff regarding the schools eco footprint and how the school, as a community, can improve the way we use the planets dwindling resources.


Throughout the year the Eco Stars will be responsible for;


  • Delivering whole school assemblies and topical issues
  • Organising competitions to help promote the understanding of how we can help to reduce the effects of climate change and care for our environment      
  • Monitoring the use of energy throughout the school
  • Encouraging recycling and litter control


We hope to encourage all the children in our school to look after the planet and become Eco masters.