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Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School

Autumn Learning


In geography, we have been learning about maps. We used a map to explore the school and find different places. We made our own Funny Bones maps using a key and even used an aerial map of the school to find stars. 


We have been learning all about toys in the past. The christmas elf brought us some presents with a note saying these were left in the workshop. We opened them to find victorian toys. 



We explored the story FunnyBones. We looked at the repetitive language, acted out scenes and predicted what might happen next.  The Funnybones came to our classroom and messed it up. He left behind a dark dark den. We wrote wanted posters and police reports in the den. 

Traction Man is Here! We had lots of fun reading Traction Man. We even created our own mini adventures!


We have been learning to use the part whole model to partition numbers. 

We looked at numbers and used the language, 'less than, more than and equal to' to compare the numbers. We then introduced the comparison symbols and used these to make a number sentence.