Year 5 Learning Review Day - Thursday 7th February
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Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School

Windmill Hill 2018

Monday 12th March


The children arrived safely around lunchtime, ready for a busy week ahead. 


After arriving following our peaceful coach journey, the children soon settled into their cabins and were really excited for the afternoon activities. The activity groups took part in activities such as: fencing, trapeze, challenge course and climbing. PGL staff as well as the school leaders were really impressed with the teamwork and determination that the children displayed during the afternoon.


Tuesday 13th March


All the children had a good night sleep and have had their breakfast. They are excited and looking forward to taking part in the activities planned for today.


For some groups, today was the day for Raft Building- the other groups will take part in this later in the week. The children displayed excellent teamwork and despite many getting slightly wet in the shallow PGL lake, it was an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

During the afternoon, children and adults enjoyed the amazing Windmill Hill ‘Zipwire’. Although a daunting prospect for many, fears were conquered and by the end of the activity all pupils had at least three attempts and were eager for more!

After another lovely meal for dinner, the children enjoyed the PGL campfire. No doubt the children will be continuing to sing the songs that they have learnt for the remainder of the trip and beyond.


Wednesday 14th March


The children woke-up after another good night sleep and were ready for breakfast; this includes both hot and cold options much to the delight of the children.

Following this, many groups in the morning have taken on the challenge of the ‘infamous’ Giant Swing. The children have displayed excellent perseverance and really enjoyed this activity. The other activities that the children will enjoy later today includes to name a few: Orienteering, Aeroball and Jacobs Ladder.


Friday 16th March


We have woken to this! They have stripped their beds and tidied their bedrooms with NO prompting from us! 👏👏 (see below for photo)








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