Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School, Surbiton - school closes for summer at 2.15pm 21st July. We are back on Tuesday 5th September
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Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School


Lead:   Una Keely


English as an Additional Language.


The government definition of an EAL learner includes anyone who has been exposed to a language other than English during early childhood and continues to be exposed to this language in the home or in the community.


Within Our Lady Immaculate we have a richly diverse ethnic community which brings with it a wealth of different languages. We currently have approximately 30 different languages within our school community.


In order to ensure our EAL learners are able to access the curriculum to the best of their ability, we provide a variety of support.


Class teachers use many proven and effective strategies to support pupils throughout the school day. Additionally, a member of the EAL team provides 1:1 and group intervention programs across the school.  These groups target different needs and elements of the curriculum.


Small group intervention can be very effective in two main ways:


  • An opportunity to ‘pre-learn’ or consolidate a specific topic
  • Build confidence, as very often a child who is new to English maybe reluctant to speak in front of the whole class but will find their voice in a small group.  This can then lead to full participation within the whole class environment.


We have a dedicated learning environment called The Rainbow Room with many resources including a Smartboard.


Every year we celebrate our languages and cultures with International Days/Week.  We love to involve our whole school community at this time, with many of our parents coming to school and sharing language, stories, music and food with the children. It has proven to be a very enriching and enjoyable experience for everyone.